Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Europe Trip - Venice

Hi Lovelies, yep more trip pics today. Its my first ever overseas trip so have to blog document it!! I was going to do Italy in one go but we went to Venice, Rome and Florence and I have way too many pictures to break it down to just a few of each place in one post so you get 3 posts on Italy whoo hoo :P

This is a taster of what we got up to in Venice:

Mum and I in a Gondola cruising the canals of Venice
St Marks Square
Lots of big cruise ships!
We went to a glass factory, this dude whipped up a horse in under a minute!
Lots of bridges and lots of canals
Pretty coloured houses
Freaky squatting toilets.....why Europe why?
Coming up tomorrow - Rome!!
Happy Hump Day Lovelies xxx


  1. Venice is such a magical city, I loved it there but it's so easy to get lost - especially at night!

    1. Its very different isnt it! We stayed on the mainland at night so no worries of getting lost at night haha x


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