Saturday, May 19, 2012

A bit of this & a bit of that...

Hi Lovelies, today I had a big project photoshoot. Basically it was a whole bunch of models and photographers shooting in a massive abondoned building, all sorts of different shoots and styles. It was super fun and I got to meet some lovely people. Cant wait to see the pics! I will be sureto share some with you all.

Im pretty damn tired and I have work tomorrow so heres a few random pics for you:

I recently one a giveaway from Marie a la Mode, I got to choose an item of jewellery from Blue Vanilla. I chose this silver collar necklace & was surprised it came with matching earrings. I wore it for the first time yesterday and was stoked to receive compliments :)

My makeup for todays last shoot creepy huh? Pleas exscuse the massive pile of washing to be folded - its the bf's job so of course its been sitting there for days....

New booties - $20 insane!! They even have a fur lining, jealous much? tee hee

Happy Saturday Lovelies xxx


  1. Oooh I absolutely love your boots!
    and it's such a steal!
    The Sweetest Escape 

    1. I know such a bargain! Thanks chick x

  2. That sounds like fun, can't wait to see the photos :)

    LOVE those booties, where are they from?

    1. Me tooo! They are from Shoe connection in Dressmart :) x

    2. I haven't been out there in ages, might have to go have a look!

      Bustrip? Nope.
      I'm going to ring and abuse telecom!

  3. Ooh I want to know more about this photo shoot!! Sounds exciting - especially with that creepy makeup :)

    Sadie xx

  4. oooo that photoshoot looks exciting!!



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