Friday, May 18, 2012

White & Electric Blue

Hi Lovelies,

I had a fab day off today, had a couple of appointments then caught up with a good mate for some sushi and a spot of shopping. I picked up some great bargains! I was thinking of doing a vloggy thingy to show you all my new buys over the past couple of months - would any of you be interested in something like that? I'd be super nervous and no idea how to upload videos but thought it might be something fun and different and a great way to show all my recent bargains!

Dress - Valley Girl, Heels - Jeffrey Campbell, Jacket - Trendz

I thought what better way to add some colour to a black and white outfit than turqoise and electric blue - my faves! Plus the faded blue in my hair adds to it teehee

Happy Friday Lovelies xxx


  1. Oh yeah! I'd definitely love to see all your bargains and I could use some inspiration for my future shopping spree :)

  2. Those shoes are so fantastic, I love the color!!

    Natasha ~

  3. Those shoes are amazing! I love that they match the little bit of blue in your hair xo


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