Friday, February 8, 2013

Flower Power

Hi Lovelies, sorry about the wee break there my parentals are in the city at the moment so I've been having a bit of family time, working and of course any other spare time has been spent looking for a house!! Its freaking insane out there. We finally got offered a house today which is a bit further out in the wrong direction that we were ultimately hoping for but it is a nice house and right by a mall with bars and movie theatre etc so that's a bonus...or a curse haha. We are still going to look at a couple over the weekend but I'd say we will end up going with this one.
Being summer I felt I needed to bring out my floral peplum top again, enjoy :)

Top - Tempt
Skirt - Valley Girl
Wedges - Paris
My pink hair is fading pretty fast, I still cant decide what to do next!
Happy Friday Lovelies xxx


  1. When I saw your comment on my blog I didn't remember straight away but I do now. The blogger with the lovely pink hair. You look stunning this time as well love that peplum. Congrats on finding a house (I searched for mine for 2 years I know it can be hell) and even though it might not be exactly it maybe you can make it in to your dream place.


  2. love that top! it looks great with your hair x


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