Friday, August 23, 2013

Florals & Splashes of Pink

Hi Lovelies, I got a bit bored so decided to trim my fringe (bangs) ad this is the result, what do you think? I don't know if I should keep it like this or go back to my side fringe.

I picked this blazer up recently for a steal, love the neon accents in it.....couldn't resist adding more neon accents in my heels and necklace hehe, of course pink hair and pink lipstick were the go too!

Im off to bed soon as I have a 10 hour shift at work tomorrow :( Looking forward to after work though, e are celebrating the other half's birthday that was earlier in the week with dinner and drinks with our friends - cant wait!

Blazer - Kmart
Peplum Top - Shanton
Necklace - Diva
Jeans - Valley Girl
Heels - Number 1 Shoes
Happy Friday Lovelies xxx


  1. U look gr8 with those trimmed bangs.., must say ur hair are looking even better with every pasding day, pinkish...
    Loved your jacket..
    Happy b'day to ur boyfriend.,
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    Keep in touch,

  2. Ouch, 10 hour shifts are crazy! Hope it isn't too rough.


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  3. Amazing look dear !:) love your hair :)
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  4. I just love this outfit! your hair looks amazing, and those shoes and jacket go so well together x

  5. I love love love the jacket! I like how there are pop of pink from the accessories, shoes and your hair! :D

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    cassandra xx

  6. Your blazer is perfect for your hair!




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