Monday, September 30, 2013

Black and Beige

Hey Everyone, how was your weekend? Another week has started and its going to be a good one I can feel it! Its a short work week for me then 5 days off in a row whoo hoo! Ive got lots to look forward to in the next week including, facials, hair appointments, shopping, helping at a charity, an expo, pot luck dinner, house warming AND a Rihanna concert!
I haven't worn this skirt in ages so I thought I'd bring it out and test the waters, I love the shape and colour of the skirt but I find it hard to style. I had similar coloured shoes but Im not really vibing on them, I might sell them...hmmmm.

Skirt - Valley Girl
Top - Valley Girl
Heels - Cotton On
Happy Monday Lovelies! xxx


  1. 5 days off in a row.. !! WOW....
    Loved your top..
    Keep in touch,

  2. omg i'm in love with your hair! love the beige skirt and black blouse - very nice combination. it's a great contrast to your pink hair! ... thought also about getting pink hair but i think i'm not courageous enough XD but i'll go to the hairdresser on wednesday to get me a new haircut. you could then check it out on my blog, too :)

    following you now via GFC.
    check out my blog, too :)


  3. Lovely blog! Let's follow each other <3

  4. Love your hair & your style is sooo cute, love it :))

    I'm a new follower, would u like to follow me too? :)

  5. very cute!! do you want to follow each other on bloglovin? following you now and would love if you could do the same =)


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