Friday, November 8, 2013

Playing Dress Ups - School Girl

Hi guys! Something a little bit different today.  I wore this for a dress up party at a friends place recently, I am not a huge fan of dressing up as I'm naturally just not very creative, plus I hate spending money for something I'll likely only wear once! Anywho the theme was "Video Game Character" so I googled to see if there were any with blue hair and I got accosted by Anime characters....most of which were dressed as school girls soooo Anime School Girl I was! Enjoy :)

Top - Glassons
Necklace (its a tie!) & Skirt  - Flatmates
Socks - Cant remember
Wedges - Number 1 Shoes
Glasses - Firmoo
Happy TGIF Lovelies! xxx


  1. You look way too cute and sexy at same time.. :)
    Happy Weekend
    Keep in touch,

  2. Hi Sarah, its true, you do look cute. Hope you had a great time at the party.
    Dusana :-)

  3. I think you're every geek's wet dream, babe!:D You look hot!! And what do you mean you're not creative?? Blue hair = creative. Or is it daring? I'm sure it's both!

  4. haha good to know :p Thanks hun, lets go with both shall we? ;) xx


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