Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Pin Up

Hello Lovelies, sorry about the wee gap there in blogging, life got in the way as it does haha. What a cracker of a day it is here in Christchurch today, blue sky and its freaking hot, think it got up to 30 degrees today whew! Might have to put the ol heat pump on cool.
ANywho this is what I wore to and from my recent "pin up" inspired photoshoot. These pictures were taken after of course as you can see my hair and makeup is done, its always fun getting outfit pictures when someone else has done my hair and makeup as Im not very good at it!!

Playsuit - Asos
Heels - Hannahs
Bangle - Cotton On
Belt - Off a skirt
Floral Headband - Warehouse
Hope you like my awesome poses hehe. Thanks for all the lovely comments lately too, I appreciate every one of them.
Now the boy and I are off to Kickfit class, 3rd last one ever waaaaaa.
Happy Wednesday Lovelies xxx


  1. AWESOMEEEEEEEe you should do your hair/makeup like that every day! Even if it is really ridiculously hard! I wish I could have the patience to have a pinup kind of look every day. TOO LAZYYY. How/why/where do you do all of these photoshoots? I would love to do something like that!

    1. I have no idea how to do my own hair and makeup like this, otherwise I probably would! Its just a hobby I have chicky its fun! xx

  2. you look fantastic! your hair is amazing and I love that playsuit x

  3. Lovely look and also nice flower in the background!

  4. nice, I'd love to see the final results of the pin up photoshoot! you looked fantastic for it. I absolutely adore your hair and the hairband, so retro pinup girl haha! <3

  5. Nice outfit! Cute shoes!


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