Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Black and White

Hi Lovelies, hope you are all well. Last day at work this week for me whoo hoo! Tomorrow I'm off to Auckland to spend some time with my family, looking forward to some rest, relaxation and some home cooking!
I am super stoked I have reached 100 followers! Thank you to each and every one of you, I appreciate your comments and visits :) I will look at doing a give away after Easter so keep an eye out! As you may have heard though Bloglovin is the way to go now so if you can follow me there it would be much appreciated so you don't miss out once Google Friend connect goes bye bye!
My outfit is nice and simple with some funky accessories topped off with wedge sneaks, ultimate casual comfort :)

Top - Warehouse
Skirt - Thrifted
Wedge Sneakers - Isabel Marant
Necklace - Diva
Spike headband - Rare London
Bracelet - Cotton On
I won a giveaway recently and just got it in the mail today - exciting! Its a bright pink lipstick. As you know I'm not a huge lipstick wearer so will be interesting to see what I look like with it on haha. I also got a Boohoo haul in yesterday so will style those up soon, unfortunately one dress is farrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr too short so I will have to on sell :( I'm not even that tall so I don't understand why they are so short!
Happy Tuesday Lovelies xxx


  1. This looks edgy and cute! I love your spiky headband! And have a great time with your family.

    Visit my blog to see what's on my luggage!
    cece, xoxo.

    1. Thanks hun,Im so looking forward to it! xx

  2. enjoy your trip! must be great seeing your family again :) love your necklace btw :)

    Metallic Paws

  3. gorgeous! love a simple outfit with funky accessories x

  4. Lovely skirt! Have a nice week. xo Jaimie

  5. I love how casual you made this leather skirt!


    1. Thank you Alexa, Im def more of a casual girl all in all xx


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