Thursday, March 14, 2013

Stripes with Brown

Hi Lovelies! Nearly the weekend again yay! I have a wee bit on this weekend which is all good, quite a busy month is March and April is shaping up to be also. I got some good news yesterday which I will share with you all shortly!
This dress is a recentish purchase from Rare London. I thought I would try them out as they had some pretty cheap stuff......long story short ISSUES. Would not recommend, I am still waiting on a refund for faulty items and items sent to me that were the wrong size. Not impressed and when its something based in the UK you are waiting a very long time, not to mention their customer service as abysmal. Have you had any problems buying online? At least this dress fit ok, a bit longer than my usual style but nothing wrong with a change every now and again! I paired it with brown as the dress is navy and white, I love navy and brown together. Im not too sure about the metallic necklace looking at these pictures but hey, I'm an honest blogger and you guys get to see the outfits I'm really happy with and the ones I'm mot that fussed by, after all experimentation is what fashion is all about!

Dress & Belt - Rare London
Boots - Warehouse?
Necklace - Diva
My love is back from a trip to the West Coast today so I'm off to spend time with him.
Happy Thursday Lovelies xxx

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  1. that dress is adorable! love it with the brown belt + ankle boots x


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