Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Flashback - Feb 2013

Hi Everyone! So glad its Wednesday this week, we have a public holiday tomorrow in New Zealand - Waitangi Day so tonight a bunch of us are heading to the local for Stone Grills and beverages!

Ive got a bunch of pictures to highlight what I was up to this very month last year. Obviously my flashbacks will likely be a bit different to this year since I'm a single lady now but hey, its still my past! Check out what I got up to and what I was wearing below:

A casual summer outfit

I got my first tattoo - can you spot it?

Florals and Peplums take 1!

Lace and Studs

I went to Auckland to see Linkin Park and Stone Sour live!

Florals and Peplums take 2!

My hair was faded pink and I tried out the galaxy print trend

I tried pole dancing & even managed to get upside down on the pole!

My Valentines day outfit - who knows what I'll be doing this year haha
Happy Wednesday Lovelies xxx

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