Monday, February 3, 2014

Dip Dyed Hair - Again!

Hey Everyone, how was your weekend? I went to the adrenalin forest for something a bit different on Saturday, it was really fun! I didn't have a good sleep the night before so I was a bit tired but managed to get through half of the course in 1.5 hours, you get 3 hours but we were buggered, so with a better sleep next time I'm sure I could do the whole thing! I'm not really a fan of heights so I'm pretty proud of myself!!
We had a girls night Saturday night which is always a laugh, Sunday was pretty chilled, caught our mates band playing and went to the local for dinner and pool.
As you can see I appear to have dip dyed hair....I got bored. My flatmate dip dyed my hair for me with some dye I had lying around, its blue and turquoise - it can be hard to tell in the light! My flatmate hadn't really dyed hair before so it ended up being a bit higher up than I'd have liked buuuut meh what can ya do haha.

Top - Paris
Short - Valley Girl
Wedge Sneakers - Isabel Marant


  1. Oh, you have colored hair back.. :) u look fab in blue hair.. Nice shorts
    Keep in touch

  2. If you cut your hair then it would be higher. If that makes sense.:D The blue and the orange from your shots is GORGEOUS together, you look so fun and fruity, I LOVE it. And my boyfriend's afraid of heights, so I'm trying to make him go to an adrenalin park like you went, that would be fun. For me to watch.:D I'm evil, I know...:)

  3. Thanks babe! haha you totally should make him - it does help! xx


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