Monday, September 13, 2010

The aftermath

Christchurch is slowly starting to go back to normal, kids are going back to school, adults to work. Alot of people are still unable to live in their homes though unfortunately. We are still suffering from over 300 aftershocks but they do seem to be getting weaker and less frequent. Buildings are being torn down, they will be rebuilt but its going to be weird seeing all these new buildings being built around the for me I couldnt even go into work today I have the worst insomnia ever normally and on top of this and a few other things I wont go into I am basically getting no sleep....its really taking its toll on me to be honest, I dont even know how I make it from day to day my head just feels all heavy and ugh......I wont bore you with my whinging, I will still be on here but only posting sporadically as I have no camera :( I am also shifting house this weekend so will be busy, packing, trying to sleep, working and unpacking!

I do still have a few outfi pics I hadnt posted yet so heres one:

Top - Jay Jays
Jeans - Jay Jays
Wedges - Cotton On

Hope you are all well - bring on no aftershocks and summer!!


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