Friday, September 24, 2010

Long time no see.....

Sorry Ive been AWOL good ol earthquake and moving house hasnt helped! The internet signal is crap here so that has super not helped as well lol. I signed up for Telstra today but they cant come until next Saturday so we have to put up with the crap signal until then. We are actually meant to have no signal at all so I guess we arent doing too bad! My camera is still broken as the EQC have not contacted me about my claim so havent been able to do any outfit pics. I still have a few from before the earthquake tho - here is another outfit I created with my newish leopard print skirt and wedges-

Wedges - Cotton On
Tights - Farmers
skirt - Cotton On
Top - Kmart
Necklace - $1 to $8 shop
Bangle - Cotton On
Rings - Various


We are mostly all settled in the new house just a few more things to unpack and coming across a few things not going. Nothing major though. I am loving having my own driveway and a backyard! Oh and a house that is one story!! Or just a house rather than an apartment lol. We are having a house warming tomorrow night bit if a last minute thing but all the usuals will be there so tis all good!

Hope you all have a great weekend xx

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