Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Earthquake Update

Further to my previous post I'd just like to declare that I am over this shit and I am sick of living in fear worrying about the next quake!

We have had continual aftershocks since the 7.1 magnitude quake at 4.35am Saturday morning. The biggest aftershock we have experienced in my opinion was this morning. I was in bed and I was home along as the bf had gone to work, it broke a picture frame and threw everything off my duchess. It was onky 5.1 magnitude (the biggest magnitude aftershock we have had is 5.4) but it was very shallow only 6km deep and 10km from centre of Christchurch hence the force of it! There has been at least 3 smaller aftershocks since.

If you would like to see more information regarding the quake this is a very informative website

I managed to get some pictures before my camera died - it fell over in the quake but I only realised it had been damaged when I tried to zoom - now it is stuck with the zoom out & wont do anything :( So no camera for me for awhile.

This is our kitchen after the big quake - doesnt look that bad but there is glass all over the tiles that reached the carpet which you cant see.

Stanmore Road a few blocks (if that) from the house we are moving to next weekend and which our current street is also off.

Shops on Hills Road


Someones front fence on Hills Road

                             This is my neighbours car which was smashed by their chimney :(

This is a building opposite to where I used to park my car at my last job

Roads blocked off - I was supposed to have a photshoot at CPIT Saturday morning...

Honestly this has been the scariest thing I have ever experienced in my life. I am very lucky that I am not one of the people that has lost their home. My friends and family are ok, however one workmate has lost her house :( The scary thing about that is that it is less than 1km away from where I live!

Its now Wednesday and I have not been at work, I was supposed to go in at 9am today but with the aftershock this morning at 7.50am it cut power to our building. I am waiting to hear from my boss. To be honest I dont know if I want to go in or not - I work in Insurance claims and as you can imagine its going to be very emotional and hard to talk to people. I do realise life goes on but I am living in fear - when will the next aftershock be? Will there be another big one? Lack of sleep has me feeling like a zombie which isnt helping either!

Hopefully my workmate is coming over shortly to keep me company! Take care everyone xxx


  1. Big hugs hun, I think we're all feeling the same: strung out, tired & on edge.
    Take care xo

  2. Wow the damage round your area is scary. Thanks for the comment on my blog :). I'm finding it hard to sleep too, take care, stay safe


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