Saturday, April 9, 2011

Cant say no

To what you may ask? Food. Yup I love food. Yesterday at work I had taken my lunch - a healthy lunch I might add but that was pushed aside when we were given free Pizza for lunch, followed by a chocolate cake as one of my colleagues had been at my company for 3 years, followed by a BBQ and drinks. Whew! I must add though I had a tiny piece of cake and only drank at the BBQ (makes me sound like an alcoholic lol) I went nuts on the pizza though. Anywho basically if its free and I like it I find it pretty much impossible to say no!

I love this singlet its so comfy and I was gutted when it came out of the wash one day with a big rip under one armpit.....alas Im still gonna wear it hehe.

Singlet - Glassons, Jeggings - Kmart, Wedges - Number 1 Shoe Warehouse,

This top is also super comfy and covers you up for those "fat" days - Tempt

Hope you all have a lovely weekend, we spent lastnight drinking for free then went to a mates to watch a movie on his new 54" Flatscreen. Not sure what tonight will bring.....



  1. i can't say no to food either!
    love your dark top!

  2. Yay Im not the only one! Thanks hun x

  3. cool look!


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