Sunday, April 3, 2011

I am rather intelligent

I have been reading up and fiddling around for ages on this Picasa picture album thing and I have figured out that if I resize my pictures to below 800 pixels it wont affect my space so crisis averted! Hopefully nothing else comes up that boggles me, Im not fantastic with technology. I would however love to hear your stories on this - do you pay each year for storage? Or do you just re-size your photos? Any other problems you have come across using Blogger?

Ive had a pretty good weekend, had to work Saturday and we had a REALLY scary aftershock. I was on the phone to a customer and it was just horrible, it took me a really long time to calm down. I then went to a mates for a house warming and played some drinking games.......dont worry I controlled myself lol. Today has been very cruisy movies, sushi, walks......lazy sunday!

Boots - Number 1 Shoe Warehouse, Shorts - Glassons, Top - Valley Girl

Quite a plain outfit so I layered the accessories - couldnt decide which necklace to wear so both it was!

Do you like my funky boots? Love them!

I hope you have all had a great weekend so not looking forward to getting up early tomorrow. Daylight savings this weekend is screwing with me and it means winters coming :( Off to watch another movie now xxx

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