Thursday, April 28, 2011

The hearts have it

Hey lovelies! I was going to show you pictures today of what the bf got me for our anniversary but when I went to upload them they werent there! I am rather upset and I have sent an email in the hopes of getting the correct you will have to stay tuned!

This outfit is what I wore on the Saturday after Good Friday, we had a lovely breakfast the the hotel before checking out and heading back into Hanmer Springs where my bf surprised me with his gift then we headed for some yummy lunch then chillaxed in the hot pools. We then headed on home where I must admit I had to have a nap - those hot pools really drain your energy!

Jeggings - Kmart, Over the knee boots - Number 1 Shoe Warehouse, Top - The Warehouse

I posed in fron of some cute duckies in a wee stream in Hanmer :)

If you notice in these pictures my hair looks quite blond - well thats the proper colour of my hair, for some reason it seems to come out in all kinds of shades in my pictures but this is the most accurate shade, my hair is blond - not orange or brown like it looks in some pictures!

I though this the perfect top to wear since me and the bf had a romantic night away - how cute is the heart? Yay for long weekends its nearly the weekend again already! xxx

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