Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Stripes - Maxi styles

Hey lovlies, how was your day? I must say today wasnt the best, on top or very rude customers at work I found out some rather disturbing news which really upset me.....I cant really go into it.....or I shouldnt but some people are horrible and wont get away with things.....thats all I have to say on that matter!!

To my outfit, I wore this to the drags the day after the car show back in February. It was a super hot day and I kind of wished I wore something a bit shorter. I also came home with burnt boobs ooops. Ive even thrown in a picture for you of a wicked drag car that unfortunately we missed on the track.

Max - Trademe, Sandals - Rubi

Heres to a better day tomorrow! xxx


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  2. Thanks hun glad you like my blog! x

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  4. Thanks so much for following, I will be sure to check out your blog! x


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