Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Peplums, Leopard & Resolutions

Hi Lovelies! I thought since it is a new year and all it might be fun to look back at 2012 (and 2011's) resolutions and perhaps some new ones for 2013! Check them out after the pics below.
I got this peplum top recently, nice and simple and one of my favourite colours! Couldn't resist pairing it with my new blue necklace of course! Plus a little bit of leopard never hurt right?

Top, skirt and bracelet - Cotton On
Wedges - Paris
Necklace - Diva
Glasses - Firmoo

Back to my resolutions!

Last years resolutions were:

1. Continue to work on relationships, make new friends, be as social as possible.
I kinda did this....made a few new friends lol

2. Sit another 2 Insurance papers and continue to do well in my current position
I have been doing well in my position and I sat and passed one insurance paper.

3. Save Save Save!
Always :)

4. Get another Piercing
Did it - Tongue piercing AND dermal on my cheek

5. Travel overseas again
Travelled Europe with my Mummy :)

6. Look at Laser Eye surgery again and see if I can fit it in between travels
Not enough money to do this...

7. Get a Link computer and re-tune for my car
Again, not enough money plus not high on the priority list

8. Continue to hit the gym at least 4 times a week and work harder on my portions and eating healthier
Been doing quite well with this, even lost around 4kgs....probably put them all back on over xmas and New Years :(

9. Start doing Pilates or Yoga
Continued to go to classes at gym when I could but being at difficult times, few and far between!

If you want to check out my 2011 resolutions you can here

As for 2013 I think I will try the following:

1. Spend more quality time with the people that mean the most to me
2. Be more social - make at least one new friend
3. Sit another Insurance paper - and pass!
4. Excell at work and try for another promotion
5. Travel - already booked a trip to Thailand in April and I want to do more getaways within NZ
6. Get to my goal weight and maintain, continue with gym and healthy eating - step it up a notch!
7. Try new things - first up - Pole dancing me thinks!
8. Do more pilates/yoga
9. Get a pet  
10. Buy a house/Save save save!!!  
11. Stop spending so much and sell clothes I dont wear
12. Still want to look at re-tuning my car and laser eye surgery but this depends on funds!

Whew! I look at these more as challenges than resolutions but its a good time of year to start isnt it? Lets see how I go!!

Happy Tuesday Lovelies xxx                   


  1. great outfit, I love the blue and leopard together!

    well done on your 2012 resolutions, you did really well! hope 2013 is happy and successful :) x


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