Friday, May 9, 2014

This Time Last Year - May 2013

Hey Everyone, since it has been a new month for 9 days now I thought I best do a flashback to this time last year, I got up to a bit it seems! As for me today, worked all day and I'm pooped since I haven't been well this week, I am going to chill, read and get an early night :)

Wore this to a 21st, a steal at $40!

Some pics of my trip to Thailand!

Gorgeous dress I bought in Thailand, pic taken at one of the Hotels

I had purple and blue hair for a bit...

Played around with leather, patterns and pops of colour

Rocked studs, peplums and knee high tights

Wore a tiger

Got a Purple Peplum top and faded purple hair

Leather look tights and more peplums

Wore some Avi's, leopard and lace

Chilled at the parents for a bit in lace and polka dots

Got some funky tights and did two outfits with them

Second funky tights outfit

Did a retro themed photoshoot

Took a look back at our trip to Waiheke Island
Well there you have it, May was busy in 2013!! I am saving for my OE at the moment so I don't think May 2014 will be as busy somehow!
Happy Friday Lovelies xxx


  1. I love it! Your hair is so stunning, love the purple. The photo with you doing two peace signs has to be my favourite ;)

    x Cory

  2. Me encantan tus entradas...kmuy coloridas..un saludo desde Murcia...

  3. love everything! great photos :D

    Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (


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