Friday, May 2, 2014

Polka Dots & Denim Pinafore

Hey Everyone, its finally Friday again whoo hoo. I am in the middle of going through my wardrobe to sell/giveaway/chuck out stuff in preparation for moving overseas. All I can say is my god do I have ALOT of clothes and shoes. Ridic. Wanna buy them? Check out my store here.
Anywho I decided to wear this denim pinafore one more time before putting it up for sale as it is a bit big for me. Added some polka dots and some neon and good to go! I've also included some retarded goofy pics for your viewing pleasure today :)

Denim Dress - Valley Girl
Shirt - Boohoo
Heels - Number 1 Shoes
Happy Friday Lovelies xxx

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