Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Black & White at an Abandoned House

Hey Everyone, how is your week going? As you all know I live in Christchurch, New Zealand and we have suffered some hard times over the last few years. The house I moved into recently is right beside an abandoned house. Its pretty sad really, that used to be someones home. Beside the abandoned house is a n empty section where a house used to be.
Needless to say we thought we'd make the most of the abandoned house and my flatmate and I went over and got some pics against the overgrown bushes etc and got some pictures of the house too, check it out below :)

Skirt - Trademe
Top - Glassons
Heels - Cotton On

Tis my house in the background :P No idea what Im doing!

Happy Wednesday Lovelies xxx

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  1. Me gusta tu forma de posar..muy guapa..un saludo desde Murcia...


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