Thursday, April 3, 2014

Flashback - April 2013

Hey Everyone, today I bring you a flashback to April last year - check out what I was wearing this month last year!

Blue and red, this gorgeous dress was bought in France!

Camo and studs - cant go wrong!

Pastels :)

Peter Pan collars, lace and Converse

Peplum dresses and Jeffrey Capmbells whoo hoo!

Orange and peep toe wedges

Lace and leather shorts

Denim jackets and dresses - I wore this dress in a post a few days ago!

Purple hair! Leopard, Lace and Neon :)
Happy Thursday Lovelies xxx


  1. You always have such cool hair!

  2. haha this is a neat idea! I might have a look at what I was wearing last year April! love that peplum dress with the spiked boots by the way! :)

    Metallic Paws

  3. What do you mean it was bought in France? By you or by someone else - when were you in France??:) Anyway, it really is gorgeous. And you look so cool with purple hair!! Colorful hair all the way, ou yea.:D I'm probably going to dye my hair silver-gray-blue-ish tomorrow. That's the plan. What the result will be, only gods know.:D

    1. Yes, I brought it in France lol. Looking forward to seeing your new hair! xx


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