Monday, September 5, 2011

Camera Help

Hi Lovelies, a technology post today, would love your thoughts and opinions! I am by no means a photographer but I do enjoy taking photos....I am a bit technologically retarded if you will and I want a camera that takes awesome pics without me having to do anything too hardout. I am wondering if I should take the jump from a point and shoot to an entry level it worth it? Or should I just get a better point and shoot - procs? cons? Hit me with your opinions! I'd also love to know what kind of cameras you guys use.

I do know that If I get a DSLR I want a canon - the two I'd probably choose from are below:

Canon 1100D

                                                                          Canon 1000D

Is there any other Canon entry level DSLR's you would recommend? Such a hard decision I need all the help I can get! Thanks lovelies xxx


  1. I have the top camera and I love the pics it produces but I'm not very tech savvy so I can't really give you an in depth review sorry! xx

  2. I am looking into the exact same thing - I want an entry level SLR Camera, but I don't want to have to change lenses etc! Have you decided which one you're going to go with? I like the Canon 1100D - it looks schmick! :)


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