Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Day of Many

Hello my lovelies, another weekend nearly over :( I wore this out last weekend to some drinks at a mates place, I love this dress its such a gorgeous colour and super comfy. I've worn it before but this time slightly different and no tights! Cant wait to be able to wear no tights all the time. The first photo below came out with a random contrast compared to the rest of the pictures but I quite like it (except for the weird expression on my face)

As my title suggests today is a day of many things. Its Fathers Day here in NZ - Happy Fathers Day to my awesome Dad! Its also the bf's Dads birthday who unfortunately passed away about 8 years ago AND it is the 1 year anniversary of the 7.1 magnitude earthquake that struck us at 4.35am September 4th last year.......I cant believe it has been a year - what a year! We have endured over 7000 aftershocks this last year since the 7.1 quake including the devastating aftershocks on February 22nd where nearly 200 people lost their lives.....I dont really know what to say, this year has been a challenge thats for sure but I still have a great job, a home and my family and friends are al ok so cant complain too much.


Hope all my NZ readers are enjoying a nice day with their Dad's, unfortunately mine lives in Auckland so I wont get to see him but I sent him a little something so he knows I am thinking about him - and a text of course. Hope you have all had a great weekend, I picked myself up a Cleo, Cosmo and Fashion Quarterly for $15 so thats the rest of my lazy Sunday afternoon sorted! xxx         


  1. You look great in pink, I love that dress.

    Can't believe it's been a year since the first EQ, it's been a crazy year for you all down there. Hope the next 12 months are a lot easier...

    Sadie x

  2. Thanks Sadie! Yes i hope this next year is a bit more settled - we all deserve it! x

  3. Wow so much importance on one day - the anniversary of the quake is enough for me!!

    That dress is such a great colour on you Sarah <3

    Big hugs xo


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