Saturday, September 10, 2011

Red and Black

Hey Lovelies, hope you are all well! Sorry about the delay in posting....unfortunately our internet cap has been reached and we have no gone to dial up.....UGH. Its so slow and horrible and doesnt make for easy blogging :( Alas I think Ive managed to uoload some pictures....they seem to have come out in odd sizes though so bare with me. Will be back to regular speed on Wednesday thank god!

I couldnt resist wearing my red jersey again and since the weather is starting to warm up I teamed it with a sheer maxi skirt, I waltzed downstairs and the bf told me he could see straight through it so I had to go put some tights on underneath, cant go around flashing people!!

Skirt - Glassons, Jersey - Valley Girl, Necklace - JayJays, Sunnies - Bf's, Sandals - Rubi

Hope you are all having a fab weekend! We watched the All Blacks beat Tonga lastnight in their first Rugby World Cup match and tonight my work is hosting a BBQ and drinks and watching the England vs Argentina game on a big TV yay! xxx


  1. Cute outfit! Definitely love your maxi skirt! xo

  2. Oh haiiii :) wow, so much info! I'm going to live vicariously through you if that's okay? Let me know how you go with a high end digital DSLR - a friend of mine has recommended a Canon one - but I'm so hung up on the DSLR look! Good luck & happy shopping! x

  3. Thanks Tieka! No problem Eirryn will keep you posted xx


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