Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Spring Colour Blocking

Hi Lovelies, did I mention Im loving bright colours? Its taken me awhile to embrace wearing more than one bright item of clothing at once but now Im loving it. Please exscuse the hose.....I suppose I could have moved it but Im rather lazy haha.

Skirt & Glasses - Glassons, Belt - Trendz, Tights - Farmers, Top - JayJays, Flats - Rubi

I scored a $20 westfield voucher at work today yay, Im going to take myself over to the mall tomorrow and put it towards a few things :)

Happy Hump Day! xxx


  1. i just did a post with very similar colours, love it :) xo

  2. haha you're so cute. I like your little twist/ side pony tails lol. The powder foundation I reviewed is actually from Make Up Forever not MAC. I actually prefer it over MAC because it feels a lot more natural. It cost about $36 but it last 2 months+ so it is really worth it. I use it everyday and carry it with me everywhere.


  3. Awww thanks Sara! Oops my bad cant have read it properly duh lol sounds liek a good deal! x

  4. Great colour blocking! Love the colour of that skirt. it's been a bit grey here today so far, but otherwise I am very much excited for spring here!!

    Yay for your $20!!

    Sadie x

  5. This is your best outfit yet - true style inspiration for us all!
    p.s. Love the half plaits, might i suggest a bob?

  6. Great blog. I follow you now.
    If you like, please follow back. It would make me very happy

    LOVE from Germany

  7. Thanks anon thats really nice :) Thanks Minnja I will be sure to check your blog out, glad you enjoy mine xx


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