Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dial Up

Hi Lovelies, did you miss me? Our internet has finally ticked back over so goodbye dialup! I really hope it isnt going to run out every month as it will drive me INSANE. Anywho enough about that lets talk my outfit! I wore this to a house warming the other weekend....couldnt resist wearing my coral wedges again and I bought this top recently from Dotti and really wanted to wear it! The stripes are quite hard to make out in the pictures but meh does the trick, I teamed it with my army green jacket to casual it up a bit :)

Wedges - Number 1 Shoes, Jeans & Necklace - Jayjays, Top - Dotti, Jacket - Kmart  

Not much else is new really, my bonus for passing my first paper came through so Im hoping to buy a new camera soon - excite! Its already half way through this week, nearly the weekend again wooo hoo, Happy Hump Day! xxx


  1. Your hair looks so pretty! :) And those wedges rock!

    Heh hmmm maybe I should go with brown I just have to find some I like! I'll hide all my other shoes so I'll remember to wear them...


  2. Love the colour of your wedges, good match with the khaki green jacket me thinks!


  3. Those wedges are amazing! Such a pretty colour. Also, you've probably long settled on your camera purchase but I have a Canon 550D and I looove it for what it's worth :)

  4. Awww thanks! I havent actually bought a new camera yet, procrastinating lol.

  5. I use mine in auto mode 90% of the time to be honest...actually feel a little guilty shelling out all that money only to just use auto. But I'm gradually getting a little more daring :) But even in auto the photos are always soooo much better than my old's actually hard to take a bad pic and not feel really smug at your abilities even though deep down you know the camera is the talented one :)

  6. I LOVE those wedges!! The coral is such great colour <3

    Second Love was my shop - it was on Manchester, we've still got a lot of the stock, planning a sale hopefully in mid October to get rid of it!!


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