Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!

Hi Lovelies, Today is my Birthday yay! Im in Auckland for work for the week, but the guys kindly suprised me with a decadent chocolate cake :) I finished work early and Mum picked me up to go hang with my family, we went out for a lovely dinner, had some of my chocolate cake for pudding and now Im waiting for my friend to pick me up and go for a Birthday drink with him and another workmate whos up.

Here is some more pictures of my outfit from my party bus trip on Saturday night without my "Pride" accessories. I didnt match my hair to my dress on purpose, promise!

Dress - Asos, Heels, Hannahs

Happy June 12th everyone! xxx


  1. Happy Birthday hun!
    Hope you had a great day xo

  2. happy birthday! sounds like you had a great day. love your hair with that dress! x

  3. Happy Birthday!

    I've already told you, but I love these colours on you, so pretty! I hope you have an amazing day xo

  4. HAPPY BDAY! And your hair looks amazing this colour, I love it!!
    Hope you had a fab night out - you certainly looked a hottie!!

    Sadie xx

  5. Thanks so much everyone, I had a great day xx


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