Saturday, June 16, 2012

Shades of Green & Blue

Hi my lovelies, Im back at home from my work trip to Auckland. I must say....I love my bed haha. I had an enjoyable week away, lots of free food and drink and meeting lots of new people at work, catching up with family and friends but I am glad to be home. Pity its been raining basically since I got home :( I had a lovely Birthday on Tuesday, my workmates surprised me with a cake complete with Happy Birthday Sarah on it which was so nice and such a surprise. I then finished work early and spent time with my family followed by a few drinks after with my friend and my workmate. All in all not a bad day! I came home lastnight and got some gorgeous perfume (im obsessed with perfume) from James and we are going out for tea tonight. He also got me  a voucher for a one hour massage which I will be sure to use soon!

No its not warm enough to wear this at the moment this is from April - hense the purple in my hair. I am still playing catch up now from after the earthquake last year. Not having the internet for ages but having a camera = one behind blogger haha.

Blazer - Thrifted, Shirt - Factorie, Dress (worn as skirt) - Glassons, Heels - Hannahs

I love this blue Blazer with this green shirt, I think it looks fab together! Hope you are having a great weekend so far. Happy Saturday! xxx


  1. Love this outfit! :) agree the shirt+blazer combo looks pretty friken good! Glad you had a good birthday and trip, hopefully you're getting some of those nice clear winter days up your way soon :)


    1. Thanks hun, suns out today yay! xx

  2. Love that colour combo <3
    What perfume did you get?
    Wow, a 1 hour massage sounds incredible!

  3. Love the outfit, the blue and green look great together ! I absolutely love the necklace on top of the blouse, such a great detail.

    Kisses !


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