Sunday, June 10, 2012


Hi all, having a good weekend? I celebrated my upcoming birthday with friends lastnight on a party bus. Bright pink bus. 30 odd people. Lots of booze haha. The theme was the 7 deadly sins....can you guess what sin I was? The post title kinda gives it away haha. Im not very creative and not one for dressing up much so nothing special. I got the bf to take a couple of snaps of my outfit, the snow is still melting in the background as you can see, you'd think I'd be freezing outside wearing that but it actually wasnt that cold yesterday!

Anywho feast your eyes on some silly snaps below from lastnight. We had a professional photographer on the bus too so cant wait to see those pics!

Dress - Asos, Heels - Hannahs

No idea what Im doing here haha - there was a pols on the bus how could I not pose with it?

Ahhhh good times. Wonder when I'll start acting my age haha. Will post some more pics when I get them and will do a full outfit post later on.

Im off to Auckland tomorrow for work for the week so posting will likely not be much next week but I'll see you soon! Happy Sunday Lovelies xxx


  1. Looks like you had lots of fun :) Bus trips aren't the same now that they've banned booze on the bus...that's probably a really good thing!

    Have a safe trip up north xo

    1. It was super fun, it actually wasnt that bad without booze hardly noticed - pre drinks helped haha. Thanks hun xx

  2. This looks like so much fun! It has been so long since I have had a proper night out. You look fantastic, I love those colours on you xo

    1. Thanks lovely, good to have a decent night out every now and again!xx

  3. Great post!!!



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