Saturday, November 24, 2012

A touch of Mint

Hi Lovelies, welcome to the weekend! The sun is shining today, now just need that temperature to go up a biiiit more then I'll be happy.

Last night I hosted a Prenzel party at my house, it was super fun. Prenzel is a company that sell all sorts of things from oils, to Schnapps, ice cream dressings etc we all sat around trying everything, was great and you end up getting a bit of a buzz after all the alcohol tasting hehe for hosting the party and getting a few sales generated I scored myself a free oil, Tipsy Topping (alcoholic ice cream topping!!) and Schnapps. I picked up a few more things too and got 20% off those, all in all a great bargain. Afterwards my friends and I continued to have a few, play some drinking games and listen to music. Not a bad way to end the working week!

I picked this gorgeous dress up from Asos, I love pastel and its such a pretty shade of mint, quite girly for me though! Think thats why I teamed it with black and decided to poke my tongue out - toughen it up a bit haha.

 Dress - Asos
Heels - Dotti
Watch - Australia
Rings - Various
Bangle - Gift from Mum
Hope you have a great weekend, Im gearing up for a quiet night at home tonight then a photoshoot tomorrow - exciting!
Happy Saturday Lovelies xxx
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  1. what a pretty dress! love the colour x

  2. That is such an adorable dress! The cut is cute & the colour is so pretty.

    Prenzels is awesome! I use a lot of their rice bran oils & I just love their mulled wine :)
    I would have come but we had an engagement party xo

    1. Thanks hun! I cant wait to try out all my goodies, hope I get them soon. Thats ok chicky another time xx

  3. you are so cute in this dress girl! <3 I love the mint colour and it's perfect with that belt!

  4. Yay for prenzel parties! They're great fun :) love the dress! Exact colour of the one I bought to wear to the races! :D great minds think alike hehe :)


  5. Thailand in April?! Awesome!!!!
    What part are you going to? Who are you flying with & where are you staying?? xo


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