Monday, April 8, 2013

An Eclectic Mix

Hi Lovelies, did you have a good weekend? Mine wasn't bad. I got my hair done Saturday, I pretty much ruined it when I dyed it purple by bleaching my own regrowth which then went a gross yellow/orange colour. Needless to say my hairdresser had his work cut out for him! The result is a bit blonder than normal but it had to be done. Next time I go back in I'll get a few darker foils to bring the colour back down. I also tried eyelash extensions for the first time. I am still on the fence as I don't think the place I went was very good, you can see buts of glue on my lashes :( If I do it again I will definitely go somewhere else!
I also did a workshop today for the new job I got recently (on top of my full time job) I will let you know soon what it is :) Was fun though, met the other girls and learnt some tips and tricks.
Onto my outfit! I had to take these myself so a bit further away than normal. I'm wearing a mix of items - a girly peplum top, lace skirt, casual Converse shoes, a spiked headband and a bow belt! What do you think?

Top - Valley Girl
Skirt - JayJays
Belt - Tempt
Shoes - Converse
Happy Monday Lovelies! xxx


  1. Congratulations on your second job - I can't even imagine how busy you are! I actually really like this outfit, casual but still cute. That top is lovely xo

    1. Thanks hun, pretty damn busy but such is life lol xx

  2. I love your hair color in your banner! And your peter pan collar :) I've never been bold enough to go with a crazy hair color!


    1. Thanks Sarah! I figured Im only young once, just do it!haha xx


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