Friday, April 19, 2013

Purple Hair!

Hi Lovelies! T minus like a few hours before we leave for Thailand!! Although as your reading this I will be in the air! I was going to do a few posts in advance but alas I have ran out of time :( Life has been very busy, to top it off I get back on a Saturday arvo then the next day I have a HUGE full day shoot the next day, ugh. I cant really prepare much for it as since its still a few weeks away the information Ive been given is limited, so I hope Ive got some outfits in my closet that will work!!
Anyways enough about that so finally I have reached the purple hair pictures yay! It came out super bright (I dulled it a bit because I didn't want highlighter hair) then faded super fast. I added a wee bit of blue in my fringe too hehe, what do you think?

Top - Valley Girl
Skirt - Jayjays
Heels - Number 1 Shoes
A lot of people liked my pink hair better, Im still undecided haha. I got these cute as heels recently on a trip to Auckland, love the nude with a touch of neon!
Have an amazing two weeks lovelies and I will be back soon with awesome pictures and adventures from Thailand! In the mean time don't forget to follow my INSTAGRAM  for live updates while Im away!
Happy Friday Lovelies xxx


  1. Love it! super cool!

  2. UMM YES. I AGREE WITH YOUR HAIR CHOICES. Have an amazing time in Thailand, can't wait for pics! You're such an adventurer, always travelling! :D


  3. Thank you ladies! Having a great time in Thailand so far! xx


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