Sunday, May 5, 2013

Some Highlights of my Thailand Trip!

Hi Lovelies! Its been awhile huh? I have been sunning (and sweating!) myself in Thailand the last two weeks with my partner to celebrate our 5 year anniversary! It was an amazing time and I have ALOT of pictures to go through! While I'm getting myself settled in back home and sorting through pictures I thought I would share a few highlights with you!

Chilling with a drink and taking in the view in Bangkok

All covered up at the Grand Palace in Bangkok

Tramping on Koh Phangan - found a puddle to take a dip in!

 Hanging with Elephants in Phuket

Recognise this beach? Its Maya Bay in Phi Phi Lay - the beach from the movie The Beach with Leo Decaprio

I made Phad Thai! We went to a Thai cooking class in Phuket

Gorgeous view in the water on Koh Phangan

Good time at the Full Moon party on Koh Phangan!
There you have it a few highlights of my trip! I will resume normal outfit pictures along with some Thailand posts tomorrow!
Happy Sunday lovelies xxx

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  1. awesome photos! I went to thailand last year and your post made me really miss it! sounds like you had a great time x


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