Friday, May 17, 2013

21 Again

Hi Lovelies! How is your week going? Not going to lie this has been a pretty damn shite week for me. Found out on Tuesday our office is closing so me and about 40 of my colleagues are all going to  be made redundant next year.....bit of time to sort everything but still not a fun time. I also have to work 6 days this week, I get tomorrow off then have to work through till next Friday before I get another day off! Gosh sometimes I wish I worked part time haha.
Anyway onto my outfit! I wore this gorgeous dress to a mates 21st. I've known her since she was 16, man that makes me feel old! I picked the dress up for a steal at $40. Cant go wrong with some mesh panels, gold sequins and faux leather right?

Dress - Trendz
Wedges - Kmart!
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Happy Friday Lovelies xxx


  1. Curiosas y bonitas fotos..un beso desde Murcia.

  2. That dress is amazing, you look gorgeous. I'm so sorry to hear about your job though, that really sucks. How's the employment market round you? I've got my fingers crossed for you, at least you have a while to hunt for something new xo

    1. Thanks hun, job market isn't that great as we are still struggling after the earthquakes. I am remaining positive though! xx

    love your hair!!
    follow each other??:)


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