Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Cropped Lace & Leather

Hey Everyone, hope your week is going well. I'm on the countdown to the weekend - bring it on!!

I couldn't help styling this lace crop top from Boohoo again, this time I paired it with leather (look) to toughen it up a bit, some strappy black heels and a chunky necklace and good to go!

eeeeeek loosing balance lol

Top - Boohoo
Skirt - Glassons
Heels - Hannahs
Necklace - Diva
Happy Wednesday Lovelies xxx


  1. So elegant, I really like your lace crop top
    Keep in touch

  2. I love lace and leather together! Lace on it own is to girlie for me, but this is really hot and cool and stylish.

    And thumbs up for your going into the unknown resolution! It's scary but I like a little bit of scary, it makes me feel alive. And then you feel even better afterwards knowing that you da man.:D

    1. Thanks babe, yeah thats what I keep telling myself haha would fully regret it id I didnt do it!! xx


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