Tuesday, January 14, 2014

This Time Last Year - January

Hey Everyone, how was your weekend? My weekend was Sunday/Monday so a bit different than usual! I was slightly hung(over) on Sunday so it was a pretty lazy day chilling at home and watching movies. Monday I went for a walk and did some gardening then caught up with a mate. We went out to Sumner beach for some pool and ciders in the sun and an explore along the beach, we then went for a mission up the hills to look at the view over the city, we ventured over to Governors Bay to check out the gorgeous view there then headed back to mine for some dinner then finished off the day by seeing the latest Hobbit movie!  Not bad for a Monday.
I quite enjoyed seeing what I was wearing this time last year, last year so I thought I'd do it again this year!
Take a look at what I was wearing - and what colour my hair was January last year :)

Floral Jeans and peplums

Double denim, pastel version and metallic

More pastels! Oh and pink hair :P

Peplums and Leopard

Polka dots, black, white and red

Ruffles and Leopard

Naughty Vs Nice - Studded JC's & Crochet

Awkward hats haha

Lace and leopard print with a pop of red
I cant believe I haven't worn my neon dress yet this Summer, I must before it starts cooling down!!
Happy Tuesday xxx


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