Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Stuff!!

So since its been christmas and New Years ive been rather poor so i was hanging out for pay day thursday hehe. Me and the boy went shopping and I got a bit carried away! Heres a pic of my haul - Ive been wanting a leather jasket for aaaaaaaaaages and I finally got one YAY! Its from Glassons and was a bargain at $80 - Had only been on the racks for a few days too :)
Denim mini - Glassons
Denim shorts - Glassons
Black/Pink dress - Trendz
So excited to wear it all, I needed a new ripped mini and new denim shorts as the ones i have are too big for me now, and i got them at bargain prices too! Love the new dress as well its so cute with its lace back! Anyway new stuff YAY! hehe
Till next time xxx

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