Saturday, January 9, 2010

Outfit updates

Hey Folks, so ive been a bit slack with my posting as im still on holiday! Its saturday now and I have to go back to work on Monday :( Dreading it! ANyway heres some pics of what ive been wearing lately:
Blue top/dress - Glassons (it has a black bit underneath so its not that short as it looks in the pic!
Black tights - Supre
White boobtube - Glassons
Black Wedges - No1 show warehouse
It got so hot the day i wore that so i had to take the tights off and put a minin on instead!
Red Singlet - Valley Girl
Denim mini (unpictured) - Glassons
Aviators - Asian shop at The Palms for $5 haha
The next pic was taken Thursday night, me and my friend went out on the town was an awesome night!
Black/Yellow Dress - Lippy
black Wedges - No1 Shoe Warehouse
That catches you up a wee bit on what ive been wearing - ive forgotten to get pics some days whoops.

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