Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wacky Thursday!

So another day at work today and it was freaking BUSY for some reason. Rather random. Least it makes the day go quick!! My weird thing for the day is I was walking to get sushi for lunch and i walked past two guys on the footpath - on a main street in town and guess what? They were just standing there smoking weed!! WTF? In the middle of the day in full of view of everyone. Couldnt believe it!
I was lazy again today and just put on my trackies after work as its wet and cold and blah. 2moro I will try again cos its Friday yayyyyyyy :) Me and the boy have had a lazy night in, we went to the supermarket and got pick and mix and chocolate bars and watched Ice Age 3 hehe not good for the diet but meh gotta treat yourself sometimes! Im off to bed now for an early night.


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