Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunny Days

This weekend has finally been sunny and warm! Saturday was quite hot and me and the boy finally had a day off together! We decided to go for a drive out of town so we drove to Leithfield Beach, went for a walk along the beach and then we had lunch at the Leithfield pub, was a lovely drive and great to spend time with my man. Im wearing a Glassons singlet, Valley Girl denim shorts and jandals hehe it was too hot for me to get all dolled up!

Thursday, January 28, 2010


So tonight me and the boy and a couple of mates went to see the buskers at the Arts Centre :) We left early as I have a headache :( I hate headaches!! Anywho its Friday 2moro so yay!hehe. My top looks all wrinkled and shite in the pic for some reason but it looks better than that in real life trust me!

Grey polka dot top - Glassons
Skinnies- Supre
Boots - Number one shoe warehouse
Earrings - a friend
Necklace - the boy


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Jobs Jobs Jobs

Today i finally went back to work! Started off a bit shithouse as I forgot to put my alarm on again and work up at 7.38 - I start work at 7.30 lol. Ahhh well. I had a job interview after work which im hoping i get a second interview for, finger crossed! I also applied for another job tonight yay! This is my after work get up:
Green top - Valley Girl
Denim shorts - Glassons
Black tights - Farmers
Black boots - Number one shoe warehouse

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Im so fricking tired today :( My insomnia has reared up again. Im ok for months then BAM im shit for a few days....I will sleep well tonight.....I HAVE to cos I have a job interview tomorrow yay!!! Fingers crossed I get it :) Ive been asking the universe for a job so hopefully its listened hehe.
Anywho i took myself to the gym and caught up with a friend I havent seen in awhile today. Shes preggers her belly is so cute hehe.
My outfit: Please exscuse the hair its turned out retarded it doesnt look that bad i promise!
Black Singlets - Supre
Grey skirt - Supre
Black tights - Farmers
Black boots - Number one shoe warehouse

Monday, January 25, 2010

Feeling Blue...

Hurro! So today i was home with a headache :(
I applied for a job though hehe. Ive got two
outfit pics today - one from yesterday cos im a
slack arse hehe.

Grey T-shirt - kmart
Black singlet - Tempt
Blue skinnies - Supre
Black boots - No1 shoe warehouse

Black Singlet - Prinicipals
Blue skirt - Supre
Black tights - Farmers
Black boots - no1 shoe warehouse
Necklace - a mate


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Pink Bits!

Yesterday I waz rather bored so I went shopping.....oops. Totally spent waaaaaaaay too much. Got alot of good stuff thought! A couple of singlets, a couple of skirts, T-shirt, annnnd I went to a second had store and scored two blazers hehe cant wait to wear them! They will be great for work and casual :) I also got some beauty buys in some dry shampoo, gel heels and dry brush. Yay for new things!
Anywho me and the bf and my friend went to a 21st lastnight then hit the clubs for some dancing :)
Dress - Trendz
Tights - Farmers
Wedges 0 Number one shoe warehouse
Belt - Pagani
Necklace - a friends
Earrings - a Gift

Friday, January 22, 2010


So its finally friday but its horrible! Wet, cold, windy :( Feels more like winter and im so over it, at this rate it'll be cold all year round! Just going to have a quiet night in tonight im so tired for some reason.....I have a few more jobs to apply for over the weekend - wish me luck!

Black skinnies - Jay Jays
Black Boots - No1 shoe warehouse
White singlet - Shanton
Hoody - Roxy


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Grocery Day!

Today is finally pay day whoo hoo! Me and the boy went and got groceries yay hehe I love having plenty of food in the cupboards! As we speak I have a banana, caramel and white chocolate pudding cooking in the oven yummo! Cant wait to try it hehe. This is what I wore to get the groceries:

White T-shirt - Pagani
Black Waistcoat - Max
Denim mini - Glassons
Black tights - Farmers
Black boots - Number one shoe warehouse


Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Very boring today sorry guys! Just got outta the shower so my hairs wet and im all fresh hehe had to get pics asap as James was heading out and I suck at taking them myself!! Cant wait till 2moror pay day :) and only two more days of work yusssss.
Black Dress: Glassons
Grey Skinnies: Tempt
Black wedges: No1 shoe warehouse

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Hai! Tuesday has arrived and I managed to throw something on after work hehe. Still nice and comfy for around home :) tonight i used our new pie maker for the first time and made bacon and egg pies for tea - OMG they were sooooooooo good!! Look at my pie its just perfect :D Gonna have more of a play this weekend.
Black Dress: Supre
Black pantyhose - Farmers
Black shoes - Warehouse
White singlet - Shanton

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lazy Sunday

Gah stoopid thing deleted my first post! Right so im tired and hungover today so my outfit is just something simple and comfy. I went out lastnight and it was rather interesting night (think gang members and drunk pycho old men lol). I just bummed around home today, slept in then a mate came over and we watched Superbad - love that movie! I then made some banana choc chip muffins and ive just put a chocolate cake in the oven - my first one eeeeeeeeeeek hope it turns out ok!!
Black tights - Farmers
Black boots - No 1 shoe warehouse
Blue dress - Valley Girl
Black Cardi - Supre

Saturday, January 16, 2010

What Summer?

Finally the weekend is here. I went for a walk/run through Hagley park this morning to get some excersise. I bummed around home then went to the mall with a mate for a spot of shopping! I got some sapri length black pantyhose/tights which ive wanted for awhile and a cute black dress/top from Supre with wee lace bits at the sleeves to wear over coloured tights :D
My shopping outfit: Blue tights - Farmers
Black skirt - Supre
White ruffle top - Valley Girl
Black cardigan - Glassons
Black boots - No 1 shoe warehouse

Friday, January 15, 2010

Week one Over

Week one of work is down! Thank god. Still no sign of a new job but ima keep trucking along. Just gonna have a realxing night at home tonight me thinks...unless something super fantsatical comes up! This be my after work outfit for today scuse the no shoes!
Black skinnies: Jay Jays
White T - a gift
Black Waistcoat - Max
Cap - Illicit
Hoop earrings - a friends

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wacky Thursday!

So another day at work today and it was freaking BUSY for some reason. Rather random. Least it makes the day go quick!! My weird thing for the day is I was walking to get sushi for lunch and i walked past two guys on the footpath - on a main street in town and guess what? They were just standing there smoking weed!! WTF? In the middle of the day in full of view of everyone. Couldnt believe it!
I was lazy again today and just put on my trackies after work as its wet and cold and blah. 2moro I will try again cos its Friday yayyyyyyy :) Me and the boy have had a lazy night in, we went to the supermarket and got pick and mix and chocolate bars and watched Ice Age 3 hehe not good for the diet but meh gotta treat yourself sometimes! Im off to bed now for an early night.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Casual Comfort

Today I managed to biff on something other than my supre trackies and a manky top after work haha. Nothing majoy though rather boring and uninspired! I cant be arsed making any effort after ive been working all day though I just wanna lax out and putting on a cute outfit doesnt really apply to that!

Anywho: Jeans - Tempt

White singlet - Shanton

Black T-shirt - from my Mum

Heart necklace - BF

Please exscuse the pic as usual, i havent found a decent place to take pics to get the right light etc grrrrrrrrrrr one day!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Second day back at work today ugh, didnt have much sleep lastnight = tired Sarah! Anywho I had a job interview after work which went ok except im overqualified. Which means i probably wont get it :( Never mind I will perservere!! Not much time tonight as I need to clean for our house inspection 2moro and get to beddies! Heres a random pic of me and my friend out on the town last week hehe


Monday, January 11, 2010

Back to Reality

So today was my first day back at work for 2010!! I got a lovely (NOT) welcome this morning by a workmate who completely inored me TWICE in the space of 20 minutes. BITCH! See why i like hardly anyone at my work? Their so rude. Anywho the day wasnt as bad as I thought it was gonna be so thats good! I managed my first day at the gym too after work eeeeek stoked though as the gym scales tell me I haventgained any weight over the silly season!!! So stoked s ive been eating alot of crap and drinking rather alot lol. Anywho i also got a phone call this afternoon and I have a job interview tomorrow after work YAY! So excited, in fact i am off now to study up and get myself sorted wish me luck!


Sunday, January 10, 2010


So The weekend is nearly over and I have to go back to the job I cant stand tomorrow :( Yup feeling sorry for myself lol. Anywho I got bored yesterday and went shopping whoops hehe I took some pics of my new duds - sorry they arent very clear im still getting the hang of my new camera! Im so sick of all my friends working in the weekend - makes for me being alone all day for two days when I should be out doing stuff!! GAH. My boy is gonna talk to his boss this week about getting at least Saturday off so hopefully that goes ahead soon, another friend is getting one sunday off a month so bring that on! Anyway Im gonna try and relax and just chill out on my last day of holidays......nothing wrong with chillaxing I guess and I refuse to spend more money as this year I promised myself I would save, save save!
New stuff: - Skinny Jeans - Tempt
White Top (so cute pic doesnt do it justice!) - Valley Girl
Pic of skirt - Same white top, Skirt from Supre and heels from No1 shoes
My outfit for today:
White singlet - Supre
Black singlet - Supre
Purple high waist skirt - valley Girl
Pantyhose - Farmers
Sandals (unpictured) - cant remember lol
Earrings - from a friend
Headband - Stole of me mummy haha
Since I'll be back at work I wont be able to do outfits everyday since i wear a lame uniform but i'll try my best to put cute outfits on after work! hope you all enjoyed your holidays, back to reality now!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Stuff!!

So since its been christmas and New Years ive been rather poor so i was hanging out for pay day thursday hehe. Me and the boy went shopping and I got a bit carried away! Heres a pic of my haul - Ive been wanting a leather jasket for aaaaaaaaaages and I finally got one YAY! Its from Glassons and was a bargain at $80 - Had only been on the racks for a few days too :)
Denim mini - Glassons
Denim shorts - Glassons
Black/Pink dress - Trendz
So excited to wear it all, I needed a new ripped mini and new denim shorts as the ones i have are too big for me now, and i got them at bargain prices too! Love the new dress as well its so cute with its lace back! Anyway new stuff YAY! hehe
Till next time xxx

Outfit updates

Hey Folks, so ive been a bit slack with my posting as im still on holiday! Its saturday now and I have to go back to work on Monday :( Dreading it! ANyway heres some pics of what ive been wearing lately:
Blue top/dress - Glassons (it has a black bit underneath so its not that short as it looks in the pic!
Black tights - Supre
White boobtube - Glassons
Black Wedges - No1 show warehouse
It got so hot the day i wore that so i had to take the tights off and put a minin on instead!
Red Singlet - Valley Girl
Denim mini (unpictured) - Glassons
Aviators - Asian shop at The Palms for $5 haha
The next pic was taken Thursday night, me and my friend went out on the town was an awesome night!
Black/Yellow Dress - Lippy
black Wedges - No1 Shoe Warehouse
That catches you up a wee bit on what ive been wearing - ive forgotten to get pics some days whoops.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Epic New Years

So heres some pictures of my New Years hehe. We went camping at Ashley Gorge - its about 40 minutes from Christchurch. Very pretty and awesome spot as its got a river too :) Weather was great, very hot although a bit windy. have over 200 pics on my Facebook hehe was an awesome New Years - Good mates, Lots of booze, sun, BBQ food = Epic. The pics are - me shotting the night of the 1st, me sitting on my mates shoulders lol and me and my boy James. I hope you all had an awesome New Years :) Bring on 2010 and a new job!!! (hopefully haha)

Monday, January 4, 2010

Holidays Rule!

So im back in civilisation now haha got back from Auckland night of the 30th then off to Ashley Gorge the 31st for a few days away for New Years. Ill do a bit at a time, these pics are of my Auckland trip, Me in front of a Pohutakawa tree, Me and Mum up the sky tower and me at Piha Beach.
Blue singlet - Jay Jays
Denim Skirt - Jay Jays I think
White singlet - Supre
Black Cardi - Glassons
Black High waist skirt - Glassons (not pictured)
Blue Singlet - Valley Girl
Denim Skinnies - Supre
Hat - Illicit