Monday, December 19, 2011

The Beginning

Hurro lovelies, another Monday nearly down and the last working Monday for the year for me yay! 4 more days of work to go then I have a two week break - les hope summer decides to show itself soon.

I picked this sheer shirt up in Aussie while I was there, actually I picked up the skinny jeans too - $9.95!! I love the colour.

Flats - Warehouse, Jeans & shirt - Valley Girl

Please exscuse the garden. I do plan on doing it at some stage....

Right Im off to watch a movie, happy Monday lovelies xxx


  1. love your hair ! You look gorgeous !


  2. OoooooOOOoooooooh this really suits you! Where is this magical red hair of yours? Or did you take these before red happened? Anyway I really like this outfit, you look delightful :)

  3. Thanks ladies! Na no red yet Kirsten still a tad behind in my outfit pictures :P x

  4. Love this on you, that blouse is gorgeous xo


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