Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Hi Lovelies, today is not a good day :( The neigbours Mother appears to be away and her teenage son has taken it upon himself to invite over about 40 odd kids and have massive rowdy parties the last two nights - Monday and Tuesday wtf? Anyway Monday was bearable but lastnight was horrific I couldnt sleep all night and I was a complete mess this morning, I was not going to be any use to anyone at work so stayed home and tried to sleep some more and watched movies.....I rang the police 3 times but they never bothered to come over :( Luckily my landlord also owns next door so I rang him today and told him what was going on and he wasnt happy so Im hoping the Mum has talked to the son as there doesnt seem to be anyone home at the moment. Fingers crossed they stay away and I get a decent nights sleep and can get to work tomorrow!!

I have no idea why these pictures are coming out like this but Im too tired to fix it sorry dudes

Dress - Trademe, T-shirt - Glassons, Sandals - Rubi Shoes

You get the gist :P This is another maxi dress worn as a skirt. Dont mind the horrible t-shirt shaped sunburn on my arm either, that will learn me!

Hope you having a happier Wednesday than me lovelies! xxx

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  1. lovely choices!


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