Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas Corner

Hey hey, so this year I decided I would dedicate a wee corner of our lounge to Christmas, I bought me a cute wee Christmas tree last year for the huge cost of $2 haha so I got me some more $2 shop stuff and set up a wee corner - isnt she cute? Dont worry there will be presents under there at some stage!

Thats all for today I am off to a step class with a workmate then DVD night with the bf. Happy Tuesday lovelies xxx


  1. that's a teeny-weenie tree but it's so cute =)

  2. Dunno how I did it. Did a google on "opposite of casual" and end up on your Blog page... the one on casual clothes, looks cute though ^.^

    have a great Christmas and a long year end break.


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