Monday, December 12, 2011

Red, grey and Dots

Oh hello there lovely ladies.....boy it feels good for a Monday for once - only because I didnt work today nor am I tomorrow hell to the yeah! Today me and the boy went out to Pegasus and hit some balls at the driving range then had a yummy lunch and a Cider (beer for him) we are currently watching the Water Boy haha classic movie! Having to turn it up loud to drown out the neighbours - they are having "family drinks" apparently......its fecking Monday! I'd be a bit more stressed out if I had work tomorrow but Im going with the flow and hoping they wont keep me awake.

Also ladies I shall endevour to post up a sneak peek of my hair this week - just need to get a decent photo of it, which may be hard since the bf is going away tomorrow until Friday night....ah well may have to do the old arm out and take my own photo ;)

Skirt - Supre, Wedges - Dotti, Shirt - Trademe, Jersey - Valley Girl

I really love this outfit, I love the colours and its super comfy and cute......the start of summer here has been very up and down weather wise - hot one day then cold the next, sort it out Mother Nature!!

Happy Monday lovelies xxx


  1. Weeeeeee polka dots! Super cooot. I hope your neighbours shut up soon! Who gets drunk on Monday?

  2. Loving the polka dots, neutrals, and the pop of color! Such a cute outfit.


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