Monday, October 28, 2013

Blue Hair Dont Care

Hey everyone, how was your weekend? We had a long weekend here as its Labour day today. I have been trying to keep busy and keep occupied. Caught up with some mates, went out on the town and checked out a new bar, walks in the sun, went to the movies - 2 Guns, in case you were wondering!
If you have seen my pics on Instagram then you'll know I dyed my hair blue recently! Here are my first set of pics with blue hair :) Its faded pretty fast which is annoying but it was such a pretty shade of blue! I may or may not have co-ordinated my outfit with it hehe

Skirt - Aussie
Top - Thailand
Boots - Primark
Necklace - Diva
Happy Monday Lovelies xxx


  1. It so brave, u does ur hair first red and then blue.. I like blue one more.. :)
    I like the coordinated outfit..
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  2. I. LOVE. BLUE. HAIR. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love YOUR blue hair!:D You look frigging phenomenal, I have to check your instagram to see the original shade!! I don't have an insta account or else I'd follow (and stalk) you already.

    1. Ups, my bad.:D I thought something was "weird" bcs your hair in these photos looks incredible and incredibly blue.:)

  3. WOW your blue hair is incredible! love the matching skirt too, you look stunning x

  4. So courageous, awesome. I felt the monday blues disappear. Love your look.
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  5. I'm so shocked:D But I like it so much<3

  6. oh my goddd so originalllllll!!! ;)) great courage honey ;) nice pictures
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