Thursday, October 10, 2013

What Now?

Hey everyone! I thought the title of one of the songs Rihanna sung live on Monday would be a fitting title, after all that's pretty much my life right now. No-one wants to read a blog about negative stuff but hey dealing with a break-up is never fun and it is apart of my life at the moment. Its been a very long time since I was single and since I have dealt with a break up, I have also never dealt with a break up like this before...first love, long term etc I am doing my best and taking each day as it comes, I definitely have my good days and my bad and I'm hanging out for the end - that time when I feel ok being single and I have no "extra" feeling for my ex - bring it on! In the mean time I'm surrounding myself with friends and trying to keep busy. I am looking to the future and trying to think positively. Who knows where I'll be and who I'll be with this time next year? Its both a scary and exciting thought!
But alas lets talk about my outfit shall we? More autumnal (fall) colours but meh I'm not always one to pick colours depending on the season! I broke up the solid colours with a black and white striped peplum top :)

Peplum Top - Mr Price
Jeans - Factorie
Jacket - Warehouse
Heels - Number 1 Shoes
Necklace - Diva
Happy Thursday Lovelies xxx


  1. Love the stripes with those colours.

  2. I wish I had anything smart to say, but I'm stuck. I was in a similar place 3 years ago and all I did for 6 moths was drink and party basically every day - good for me, huh? Maybe you should do what you said you think he's doing instead of wallowing... And what's even more important - don't think about what he's doing in the first place. Fuck him. Fuck men.

  3. Thanks hun, I am trying to keep busy with my mates, its just hard as my mates are his mates, we had quite a large group of mutual friends so its making it hard! Its never easy huh? xx


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