Monday, October 21, 2013

One Last Time

Hey everyone, how was your weekend? I had a long weekend split between Auckland and home in Christchurch. We flew up to Auckland last Thursday and saw Beyoncé live! It was pretty good, I'm finding it hard to compare to Rihanna though as they were quite different shows. Girl can definitely sing though! The next day we made our way to Sylvia Park for a bit of shopping and some brunch, later we had a few drinks at my mates place and headed into town for a bit of a dance. Was a good night out - even went to my first Gay Bar haha was a bit of an experience! (my friend flats with a gay couple). Saturday we flew back home and chilled, a couple of mates came around and we had a few quiets and listened to some music, Sunday was a pretty chilled day, had a picnic lunch and went to watch a band we know play - was a great day for it, Summers definitely coming!
Now onto my outfit, I got this dress off Trademe a few years ago now but I've hardly worn it. I decided to wear it once more to see if I'd keep it or get rid of it so here is my last outfit with this dress as its going!

Dress - Trademe
Jacket - Kmart
Necklace - Diva
Wedges - Number 1 Shoes
Belt - Off a Dress
Happy Monday Lovelies xxx


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